Welcome to Wedding Vendor.

Who We Are

We are a team of self motivated and organized as well as with beautifull ideas.As you all know when it comes to the marriage or events in any home there is a person who spent his time and effort on arranging things for that event inspite of being part of the event.
Sometimes for you these events become one nightmare because of the hostile behavious of vendors like caterers and decoraters and all,You keep telling him the right procedure and sometimes they didn't listen you and your whole event become very tired at all.
And in india Marriage or events are oraganised almost once in a year in every family, This happened due to lack of planning
That's why we take all the responsability of your function as well as all your troubles We plan each and every thing from start to end so that you will not have to worry

About Us

We at badhaiyan helps our customers with there needs in events,We are city based organization so that we have each and every things according to your needs,We have experienced team who can suggest you best options for your event, So Swipe through a massive no. Venues and Vendors in your city and make your Big Event perfect and memorable We have more than 500+ Vendors in touch

Our Mission

Our Mission is to plan your event in such a manner that you can enjoy your event with your family in less expanse.
We have plenty of options as well as budget plan which definately suits your event