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How To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage

 It’s been a long time since your relationship and now it’s time that you have to convince your family members for love marriage and I know it’s very hard task to be accomplished because in Indian tradition love marriage is still a very complicated issue so we are suggesting you 10 Steps to convince your family members.

Step 1:-Find best person to share your life partner’s identity

Yes this is very crucial time and very important decision to make that whom you going to share your emotions so it’s my advice that share your partner’s identity to your brother sister or your best friend who can judge your partners compatibility with you as well as can help you to talk with your family members. Do not hide anything like caste, family background community etc. of your partner

So observe your family members as well as your close friend and find the Supporter for the whole process.


Step-2: Give Hints to your family members


Start giving bold hints to your family members that you have someone in your life who is important and also trying to find out into your family the couples which has been undergo with the process of Love Marriage, I know this sound crazy but still this is very important as you have to start giving examples of that couples to your family members that how close there relation is and how happy they are in its life.


 Step-3:- Introduce your soul mate to your family members in public gathering


This is very important step you just have to find out the correct function in your family and invite your soul mate and introduce him/her to your family members, remember you does not have to introduce him/her as your future life partner may be this will go all wrong but still this step is very important as your family members will now know your soul mate.

Step -4:-Find the right time to speak

Yes you have to find right time to speak and remember one thing that you have to follow the dreams of your parents also so keep in mind this thought and with the help of your supporter you have to tell your family members about your soul mate now that’s the time when your supporter plays a very important role to talk about your soul mate.


Step-5:- Talk to your parents about their dreams and fears what they think



This is the time when rather you will get a big YES from your parents or a NO as well so you have to prepare for both do not over react if they are not agree with your decision trying to find out the reasons behind this and talk to them generously and hear what they want from your partner.




 Step-6:-Connect your parents to your partner’s family

This is last and final step where you have to introduce both families to each other so that they can better connect with each other; it’s a big decision for you and your family so it’s good if you can build the good relation between them

Final Words:-

At the end of the day your parents want your happiness. If you can use this meeting to impress upon them that he/she is a perfect match for you it’ll be easy for you to convince them of a love marriage with him/her.

I’m eagerly waiting to read about your experiences in the comments section.